IT Support Services

Professional IT support and assistance services personalized by customer’s needs. Our specialized team provides personalized support in IT Hardware and Software, network installation and administration, Microsoft 365 and Azure. installation and maintenance in structural cabling, technical rooms and racks.

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IT Support Services and Solutions

IT Hardware and Software support

IT Hardware support Services

Equipment installation and configuration, diagnostics and repairs, preventive maintenance, hardware upgrades.

IT Software Support Services

Software installation and configuration, software troubleshooting support, updates and patches, software license management.

Other IT Support Services

Remote technical support, user training, IT inventory management, IT peripheral equipment support.


IT Communication Networks Services

Design and implementation services

Communication network design, network implementation.

Maintenance services and network support

Network monitoring, troubleshooting and problem solving, preventive maintenance.

Network security services

Implementation of security measures, network access management.

Network Optimization Services

Implementation of security measures, network access management.


Network Administration Services

Network monitoring and maintenance

Continuous network monitoring and preventive maintenance.

Configuration and management of Network equipment

Network equipment configuration and configuration management.

Technical support and troubleshooting

Technical support for users and troubleshooting of network problems.

Implementation of Network policies

Securing and managing network access.

Optimizing network performance

Network performance analysis and optimization, bandwidth management.

Implementation and management of Wireless networks

Configuring, securing, monitoring and optimizing Wireless networks.

VPN management and support

Configuration and management of VPNs, support for VPN users.


IT Services in Microsoft 365 and Azure

Microsoft 365 implementation and configuration

Deployment, configuration and customization in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 administration and support

Administration of accounts and licenses, technical support for users.

Microsoft 365 security and compliance

Security policy implementation, compliance management.

Azure deployment and configuration

Azure solution deployment, configuration and administration.

Azure administration and support

Performance monitoring and optimization, automation and cost management.

Security and backup in Azure

Implement security policies, data backup and recovery in Azure.

Consulting and training services

Consulting for Cloud solutions, training for users and administrators.

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IT Service in Data Protection

Implementation and management of Security Policies

Development, configuration, monitoring and evaluation of Security Policies.

Data Backup and Recovery

Implementation and configuration of backup solutions, implementation of recovery procedures, periodic testing.

Compliance and Regulations

Ensuring regulatory compliance and managing security risks.

Security incident management

Incident detection and response, incident analysis and reporting.

Data encryption and security

Implementation of encryption and security solutions for sensitive data.

Data Security Education and Awareness

Training programs, development and distribution of informational materials, simulations and security tests.

Consulting and Auditing

Data security consulting, security audits.


IT Services in Structured Cabling

Installation and configuration

Structured cabling installation, configuration and testing.

Maintenance and support

Periodic maintenance of the cabling infrastructure, documentation and management of the cabling.

Optimization and modernization of Networks

Optimizing the performance of cabling networks, modernizing the cabling infrastructure.

Installation and configuration of Network equipment

Installation of network equipment, management of Racks and technical rooms.

Security and Protection of Cabling Infrastructure

Implementation of physical security measures, protection against environmental factors.

Consulting and design

Consultancy for Structured Cabling Projects, design and technical planning.


IT Services for Technical Rooms and Racks

Equipment installation and configuration

Installation of IT equipment, initial equipment configuration, testing.

Maintenance and upkeep

Preventive maintenance, repairs and upgrades of IT equipment.

Management of Racks

Rack management, cabling management, implementation of cabling solutions.

Monitoring and technical support

Equipment monitoring, technical support and troubleshooting.

Equipment Security and Protection

Implementation of physical security measures, protection against environmental factors.

Documentation and Reporting

Infrastructure documentation, performance and incident reporting.

Consulting and planning

Consulting for infrastructure optimization, capacity planning and scalability.


IT Support

We are here to support you with solutions

We offer you solutions and IT support services to ensure the optimal operation and security of the technological infrastructure of your own business.

Increased efficiency: Constant optimization and maintenance of IT equipment ensures uninterrupted operation.

Advanced security: Implementing data and network safeguards minimizes cyber security risks.

Fast support: Prompt and effective interventions reduce downtime and prevent lost productivity.

Scalability: Customized solutions enable rapid adaptation to growing business needs.

Specialized expertise: Access to the knowledge and experience of a team of qualified IT professionals.

Optimized costs: Maintenance and support services reduce unexpected expenses and optimize the IT budget.

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Why choose Aldi Suport

Superlative IT expertise for your business

We offer customized IT support and assistance solutions, tailored to business needs, ensuring top performance, security and technological efficiency.

Advanced Technical Expertise: We have a team of highly experienced IT specialists capable of tackling a wide range of technological challenges, ensuring efficient and customized solutions for each client.

Integrated and Personalized IT Services: We offer a full range of services, from technical support, data security, to IT infrastructure optimization. Our approach is holistic, adapting to the specifics and needs of each company, regardless of its size.

Reliability and Continuous Support: Our priority is to ensure uninterrupted operation of our customers’ IT systems. We offer fast and efficient support, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity, making Aldisuport a reliable long-term partner.

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Advantages of Using Our Services

Regardless of the size of the business, whether SME or multinational, success is based on the efficient application of information technology, an essential pillar in the modern business world.


You have probably noticed how quickly software and hardware technologies evolve in this industry. How could a single person keep up with all this information? Outsourcing gives you the benefit of having multiple professionals at your disposal. And, since this is their core activity, they are in a position to teach you exactly how and where to invest your IT budget.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing IT support services comes with substantial reductions in IT procurement and leasing costs. It is always cheaper to buy in bulk or to purchase from partner distributors. And the IT company has the ability to do both.


Since IT is our core activity, Aldi Suport SRL, an IT specialized company, employs only people with dedicated certifications and qualifications. It is very unlikely that you would know exactly what certifications an employee needs to perform IT operations for your business.


The multiple resources of the IT company versus the limited resources of a single employee.


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